AIRMI can design, implement, and administer a complete or partial Human Resources Management Program for any company. The full scope of the program will be determined by a comprehensive needs analysis and will comply with all fiduciary requirements. The services provided include the following program elements:

  • Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Employee recruitment and retention strategies
  • Position classifications
  • Compensation and benefits administration
  • Employee/Supervisor training activities
  • Internal employee communications

Each of these elements is defined by and integrated into the client’s current corporate structure.

If needed, AIRMI will provide on-site consulting and out-sourcing as well as service direction. AIRMI’s human resources management professionals will provide clients with the expertise and resources needed for effective and cost-conscious workforce solutions. In response to the increasing complexity of Human Resources functions, AIRMI has access to the technologically sophisticated tools required for Human Resources transaction, administration, and compliance tracking.


  • Develop a process to enable departments to effectively post, advertise, and recruit candidates for vacant positions.
  • Screen and refer applications from qualified internal and external candidates.
  • Conduct reference checks and process selected candidates.


  • Develop and/or review Employee Handbooks and make appropriate changes to ensure adherence to employment-related laws, regulations, and policies at the federal and state levels.
  • Provide frequent updates regarding employment laws and policies, which will allow for better defense where any litigious situation arises.
  • Develop employment applications and other employment-related forms, which provide needed documentation for terminating an employment relationship or Department of Labor audits.


  • Develop position descriptions and/or job specifications for all classes of work.
  • Develop or revise compensation plans to reflect the current labor market.
  • Develop or revise performance evaluation tools.
  • Conduct labor market analysis.
  • Conduct position audits to make certain that all resources are being appropriately used.


  • Advise, prepare materials and consult relative to matters involving international employees (and students, as is applicable).
  • Prepare J-1 visa designation applications.
  • Act as consultant in Exchange Visitor matters.
  • Advise and assist in the employment aspects of hiring non-resident aliens.

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