AIRMI recognizes that there may be times when a client’s risk management requirements may extend beyond the traditional needs of insurance coverage, benefits planning, or sound financial investing.

AIRMI believes in providing clients with the highest standards of integrity, superior products, professionalism, customer service, and programs customized to fit their individual needs. We offer a “hands-on” consultative approach that allows clients to “think out of the box” in addressing their risk management concerns and to achieve their goals from concept to reality.

Enterprise Development provides the framework and scope of creativity to generate fresh ideas and effective solutions designed to impact results.

Services include:

  • Risk Management Process Consultation;
  • Project Development and Management;
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Development;
  • Development of business plans; and
  • Facilitation of the creation of business entities (i.e., proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, etc.) that can support both conventional and non-conventional ways of doing business.

Facilitators will:

  • Identify and analyze key initiatives;
  • Select the best means of executing the program;
  • Implement a program that will yield the desired results;
  • Monitor results making necessary program adjustments; and
  • Examine the value of the overall effort.
Project Managers will provide:
  • Focus and framework of the project;
  • Interdisciplinary skills, talents and abilities;
  • Valuable assessments and insights; and
  • Measurable results that enhance an organization’s growth.
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